Best Black Friday TV Deals 2023: 4K Smart OLED TV Sales on Black Friday

At a glance:

  • Black Friday is near and we’re expecting Walmart to offer huge discounts this year.
  • A lot of the larger TV, including flat screen and curved TV, are offering huge discounts on Amazon this year.
  • SmartTV and 4K TV have some of the largest discounts offered and with a wide selection of brands to choose from.

Black Friday is just right around the corner, and we’re all probably already looking forward to the best Black Friday deals out there. There’s no denying that Black Friday has now been part of the Thanksgiving celebration. It also means that a lot of us can now go out there and snag those well-awaited Black Friday TV deals!

What happens when you, unfortunately, can’t go to the Black Friday sale? There are also Cyber Monday deals available for you to purchase. Cyber Monday has been an extension of the usual Black Friday sale and it serves to make people try buying online instead of going to jam-packed retail stores.

There’s less physical contact when it comes to Cyber Monday, but the same rules apply when purchasing goods. Available stocks easily run out once the sale begins, so keep those fingers clicking and immediately check out all the goods you want.

When Will The Black Friday TV Deals Start?

November 29 is the date you need to look out for this year as that’s when Black Friday happens. However, you can already expect a few good deals to come as early as October.  Black Friday teasers can be a quick way to get you to spend early, but all the best deals certainly come on the day itself.

If you just want to buy your dream TV for a discounted price and you’re not willing to wait or go through the Black Friday rush, then purchasing early deals might be the best for you. However, if you can be a little bit more patient then you can also go for Cyber Monday TV deals that offer some of the best deals without all the hassle of the usual Black Friday rush.

Is It Worth Waiting For Black Friday To Buy A TV?

The short answer is that if you’re looking for the lowest prices all-year-round then it’s worth waiting for Black Friday especially when you want to buy a TV. Black Friday features the best brands and latest products on sale, with some of these brands never going on sale except when it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

The opportunity happens only at this time of the year, and other sales don’t even come close to the quality deals you’ll be able to find when it’s Black Friday.

You’ll be seeing premium items’ prices slashed by up to $400. With the money you’ve saved, you can purchase a premium 4K TV display instead of just a low-cost large screen TV that you can afford. That’s a big upgrade!

There’s a reason why everybody mentions this big event and it’s because everyone knows it’s the best time to spend their hard-earned money.  If you want to have huge savings, then it’s worth waiting for Black Friday to buy top-rated products.

Who Has The Best Black Friday TV Deals (2017-2019)?

The biggest players when it comes to Black Friday are the retail stores themselves. They’re all competing for better sales, so we’ll expect them to try and outwit each other to see who can offer the cheapest price tag.

Let’s get to know more about the different retail stores and their track record when it comes to Black Friday TV Deals.

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2019 (January – October)

We’re all on the lookout for what’s going to come from Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy as they had some of the most promising deals last year. There’s no doubt that they’re anticipated to bring in more goodies as they compete for the attention of us buyers. Here’s what we have found so far.

  • Amazon is already using the data from its algorithm to predict the top tech that they’ll be selling throughout the year, even before Black Friday happens. One of the biggest deals made available was the $798 65” Vizio M-Series Quantum TV.
  • Walmart also featured a few good deals as a sneak peek to this upcoming Black Friday sale. Among the top deals by Walmart were the 58” Sharp 4K UHD TV priced at $319 and the 50” Samsung 4K Smart TV priced at $328.

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2018

Last year offered us some of the best deals that have made Black Friday reach a total of $6.22 billion in online sales. Here are some of the deals last year that we’re hoping will appear this year as well.

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2017

Two years ago, we’ve seen some of the deals that have made Black Friday into the trend that it is today. A total of $14.5 billion was spent by more than 174 million online and retail shoppers that participated in one of the largest Black Fridays in history.

Best Black Friday TV Deals 2019

We’ve seen the previous big sales from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Now, it’s time to look at the biggest deals that we’re expecting from them this year. 2019 is a big year because of the expected deals that are coming in just a few months.

Here are some of the best TV deals we’re looking forward to seeing this year.

Screen Size

Black Friday Deals on Smaller TVs

Best 32 Inches & Under TV Deals

  • 32” Insignia LED 720p HDTV (Fire TV Edition)The Fire TV edition of Insignia is one of the best streaming-compatible TV in the 32 inches and below category. For the price of $130 or less, you’ll have easy access to streaming right in your hands.
  • 32” Samsung LED N5300 1080p HDTV – High-quality picture isn’t cheap, but Samsung’s 32” HDTV can go as low as $179, which is a very affordable price compared to its usual $250 price.
  • 32” VIZIO LED D-Series 1080p HDTVAnother great contender when it comes to image quality is VIZIO. For a low price of about $170, you can have amazing picture quality on a small screen.

Best 33 to 40-inch TV Deals

  • 39” Insignia LED 1080p HDTV (Fire TV Edition) – The 39” version of Insignia’s TV is a great deal that appears like a big upgrade compared to its 32” counterpart. For a price of as low as $180, you get a larger screen, better picture quality, and all of the streaming features that you need.
  • 39” VIZIO Full-Array LED TVVIZIO offers yet another reliable 39” TV that is more than its actual price of about $180.
  • 40” TCL 1080p LED Smart Roku TV – Another competitor in the 39” size is TCL’s 1080p LED Smart TV with a price of just $199. This 33% discount is a must-try for those looking for a cheap TV to own.

Editor’s Pick

  • The 39” Insignia LED 1080p HDTV is definitely worth its price as it offers a whole lot of added features compared to other TV deals under 39”. Its combination of 1080p and streaming dwarfs other TV sets with similar sizes.

Black Friday Deals on Midsized TVs

Best 43 to 50-inch TV Deals

  • 43” Samsung 4K UHD 2160p LED HDR – There are a lot of strong competitors in the 40 to 50-inch range, but Samsung’s 43″ 4K HDTV makes a strong impact due to the quality of the picture it provides. For only about $497, you can have your dream TV set that you can use to watch movies at ultra-high-definition.
  • 43” LG 4K UHD 2160p LED Smart TV with HDR – Another strong competitor in this size range is LG’s 43” Smart TV that offers a little bit more in terms of features. LG’s 43” Smart TV gives you personalization for the price of less than $268.
  • 50” Hisense 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED HDR – Hisense’s 50” TV brings in a strong set of features at larger screen size, all for the price of $270. This makes this TV one of the deals you need to look out for.
  • 49” TCL 1080p Smart Roku LED TV – One of the cheapest options available in the market when it comes to 40 to 50-inch TVs would be TCL’s 49” Smart Roku TV. For about $230, this offer is one of the cheapest given its size and features provided.

Editor’s Pick

Black Friday Deals on Larger TVs

Best 55 to 65-inch TV Deals

Editor’s Pick

  • While VIZIO and Samsung are offering some of the best deals for the 55″ to 65″ range, it is RCA’s Smart TV that shines due to its huge discount offered. The features that come with its cheap price are something to consider.
  • For the 65” TV deals, Samsung’s huge discount catches attention even if the discounted price is still at $600. Those who are looking for a once-a-year discount would consider grabbing this deal.

Black Friday Deals on Jumbo TVs

Best 70 to 86-inch TV Deals

  • 75” TCL 4K UHD Smart Roku TVTCL’s 75” Smart Roku TV is available for only $900, with about $400 slashed off the original price. This deal makes TCL one of the cheapest options available for those who want to get a jumbo screen TV.
  • 75” VIZIO P-Series Quantum Class 4K HDR Smart TVAnother relatively cheaper option during the Black Friday sale is VIZIO’s 75” Smart TV that is offered at only $1600. The dynamic colors matched with its large screen make VIZIO one of the deals to consider in this sale.
  • 75” LG Nano 8 Series 4K UHD Smart LED NanoCell TV$300 slashed from LG’s Nano 8 makes its discounted price of $1496 at par with other 75” TVs available in the market.
  • 75” Sony X800G 4K HD Smart Led TV with HDRSony also has jumbo screen TVs priced at $1400, making it relatively cheaper than most deals for the same screen size. With $600 slashed off its price, Sony’s 75” is one of the biggest deals available for jumbo TVs.

Editor’s Pick

Television Type

4K TV Black Friday Deals 2019

4K TV Black Friday Deals

  • 43” TCL 4K UHD Smart Roku TVTCL is one of the cheapest options available in the market, and the Black Friday sale makes its price even more affordable. Anyone who wants a new TV without needing to spend too much should try TCL’s 4K TV for only $230.
  • 50” Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV with HDR$379 is all it takes to get a Samsung 4K 50” TV with this year’s sale. The $120 discount makes a big difference for those that have saved up a bit more to buy a larger 4K TV.
  • 55” LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVAnother deal that’s worth considering is LG’s $250 discount to its $699 55” 4K TV. For $450, you can have a large screen 4K TV for a reasonably lower price.
  • 60” RCA 4K Ultra HD LED TVRCA offers some of the cheapest TVs around, but their $280 price slash makes their 60″ TV as cheap as $320. It’s one of the best options for those who want a big screen even if they’re on a tight budget.

Editor’s Pick

  • LG’s 55″ Smart TV has the best deal around, despite not being the cheapest option. Considering that it’s a 4K Smart TV, a $250 discount is something most of us would need to consider.

1080P TV Black Friday Deals 2019

1080P TV Black Friday Deals

  • 32” Samsung LED N5300 1080p HDTV$200 for a 32” Samsung 1080p HDTV is a sweet deal for anyone who wants the quality for a lesser price.
  • 39” Insignia LED 1080p HDTV (Fire TV Edition)Insignia offers a cheaper deal of $180 for its stream-ready 39” 1080p HDTV. With its cheap price, it’s no wonder that this deal is perfect for those looking for a complete set of features.
  • 49” TCL 1080p Smart Roku LED TV TCL also offers a cheap alternative for only the price of $230 during this sale. Just for an additional $50, you get a 49” screen and almost all of the features you would expect from a 1080p LED TV.

Editor’s Pick

Oled TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Oled TV Black Friday Deals

Editor’s Pick

  • Sony’s 65” OLED A8G Series is the best deal for OLED TV because of its $1500 discount to make its OLED TV cheaper than it already is. LG just doesn’t offer a deal as hot as that one.

Qled TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Qled TV Black Friday Deals

Editor’s Pick

Led TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Led TV Black Friday Deals

Editor’s Pick

  • The 43” LG LED Smart TV is an all-around best deal because of its price and features. You get a lot more for a low price of $268, and we’re expecting there to be more deals to come when Black Friday draws near.

Smart TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Smart TV Black Friday Deals

Editor’s Pick

  • The 49” TCL Smart Roku LED TV is probably the best deal to pick because of its assured low price and quality. You get a whole lot of screen size for a Smart TV all for just $230.

Screen Design

Curved TV & Flat Screen TV

Curved TV Black Friday

Flat Screen TV Black Friday

Editor’s Pick

  • RCA’s 55″ 4K Smart TV deserves to be one of the best deals for any flat-screen TV. It’s cheap, reliable, and offers additional features for a low price.

Best Black Friday TV Deals For Video Games

There’s no point in denying that some of us want to purchase a new TV for a more enhanced experience while gaming.  Aside from looking at Black Friday video game deals, it’s always a good idea to find an affordable TV to match your newly-bought console.  Gamestop Black Friday deals are also coming so you might need a TV as well. For those that prefer PC gaming over console gaming, there are also Black Friday laptop deals.

TV for video games needs to have impressive image quality to make games shine. If you’re planning on purchasing from the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals, then now is a good time to consider buying one of these TVs.

Editor’s Pick


What are The Best TV Brands?

When it comes to quality and latest technology, the go-to brands are LG, Samsung, and Sony due to their vast line of 4K, OLED and QLED TVs. On the other hand, most brands can capture the market through their strong set of features and their affordable prices.

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Best Selling TV at Top Online Store 2019

What Is The Best Selling TV on Amazon?

Amazon is known for selling some of the cheapest offers around. Here are some of the top-selling TVs according to Amazon’s website.

  • 55” TCL 4K Smart Roku TV – The TCL 4K Smart Roku is considered by many as the most worth it TV for its price. Not only is this cheap but it’s also packed with a handy set of entertainment features.
  • 40” TCL 1080p Smart Roku TV – Another favorite of shoppers is TCL’s 40” 1080p Smart Roku TV. It’s essentially a cheaper version of the 4K Smart Roku TV, but it does deliver the results without many drawbacks.
  • 50” Samsung Flat Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR – There’s also the 50′ Samsung Smart TV that most people regard as one of the most fantastic flat-screen TV around. Its image quality doesn’t disappoint even for its price, and that’s why a lot of people prefer this TV over other premium options.

Editor’s Pick

The 55” TCL 4K Smart Roku TV is the best pick not only because of its hot deals this Black Friday but also because of its cheap price that comes with a ton of features.

What Is The Best TV To Buy at Walmart?

Walmart is known for offering a large selection of TVs at an affordable price. According to their website, here are the most in-demand TV sets that you need to look out for this Black Friday.

  • 65” LG 4K HDR Smart TV – LG’s 4K HDR Smart TV is a must-have for most people due to its large screen combined with its premium image quality.
  • 55” Sceptre 4K Ultra HD LED TV – The Sceptre 4K Ultra HD LED TV offers versatility as it balances quality, screen size, and price. It’s a strong contender at 55″ since it offers quality for its relatively low price.
  • 55” Samsung Flat 4K UHD Smart TV – Samsung’s 4K UHD Smart TV is another fan favorite because of its premium quality. Customers just can’t get enough of a large screen coupled with premium quality.

Editor’s Pick

The all-around best pick would be LG’s 4K HDR Smart TV. Its price and screen size make it the best TV for any purpose.

Tips for Buying a TV on Black Friday

If this is your first time to try a Black Friday sale, don’t be surprised at a large number of people trying to grab the best deals possible. Preparation is the most important thing you need to do. Here are some things to remember.

How to Buy the Right TV on Black Friday?

  • Plan ahead on what you want to buy. It’s better if you already have a specific TV in mind that you’ll buy.
  • If you don’t have a TV in mind, focus on choosing the screen size, image quality, and features that you want to have. Make sure that the TV fits the area where you’ll be placing it.
  • Always be on the lookout for premium discounts on top-rated brands. Most of the brands become extremely cheap during the sale, so you’ll have more to choose from even on a limited budget.

How to Buy a TV at Malls on Black Friday?

  • It will get crowded in those stores, so come as prepared as possible. Find the TV you have in mind before they run out of stock.
  • Make a list of all the items you’ll buy, and avoid going over your budget. It will be tempting to go over your budget because of the many deals available.
  • Always plan an alternative TV model that you’ll buy when your first choice goes out of stock. This will allow you to get through with shopping a lot faster.

How to Buy a TV Online on Black Friday?

  • Get online as early as possible. Servers can get crowded and will cause you to be unable to access the online store.
  • Prepare your billing information beforehand. It makes it easier to pay for the items in your cart.
  • Make a list of all the items you want to avoid wasting time. You need to add those items to your cart before they run out of stock.

The Bottom Line

Black Friday is approaching and we’re just getting started in terms of the hot deals that are coming our way. So far, we’ve seen that even the larger TVs are offering huge discounts this year. Another trend to look out for is how cheap most of the SmartTV and 4K TV are due to huge discounts. We should expect to see a lot more deals and surprises to come up on Black Friday.

Premium OLED and QLED TV are also providing plenty of discounts this year. Most of the brands are offering competitive prices even for their premium items. If you’re looking to buy a new TV, now is the best time since there are a lot of discounts and deals to choose from.

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